Software Development

"Ilegma is already providing Software Development & website development solutions to offshore call centres, financial loan brokers, mortgage brokers, hotel & travel operators, point of sale service providers, utility operators and many more. Our Software, Website & App development team includes professional developers, who work on platforms like PHP, CI(code ignitor), Core PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Laravel and much more."

Building dynamic websites by leveraging Php

PHP code may be executed with a command line interface (CLI), embedded into HTML code, or it can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks. PHP code is usually processed by a PHP interpreter implemented as a module in a web server or as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executable. The web server combines the results of the interpreted and executed PHP code, which may be any type of data, including images, with the generated web page. PHP can be used for many programming tasks outside of the web context, such as standalone graphical applications and robotic drone control.

The standard PHP interpreter, powered by the Zend Engine, is free software released under the PHP License. PHP has been widely ported and can be deployed on most web servers on almost every operating system and platform, free of charge.

Our PHP Technology Strength

  • Simple, Interpreted and Faster.
  • Open Source, Platform Independent and Case Sensitive.
  • Real-Time Access Monitoring, Loosely Typed Language, Error Reporting.
  • Error Reporting and efficiency.

Benefits Of Working With Ilegma Technologies


No hardware or software set up required by the client. We ensure that everything is in place.

Technical expertise

A team of trained professionals with 5+ years of experience offer state-of-the-art solutions relevant to your business.

Engagement models

We offer different engagement models to best serve the clients of varied needs and budgets to bring collaborative success.

Track record

We have an excellent record of accelerating business growth in a span of over 10 years with 40% repeat customers


We stay connected with the business 24/7 via various communication channels to provide round the clock support.

Source code authorization

At the final delivery of the project all the rights reserved for the project are handed over to the client.

Wish to build a popular website from scratch or revamp your existing website to enhance user experience? Our PHP developers have an answer to your every question.

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